I love working with my clients and tailoring each massage treatment to their specific needs. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what they are saying about me.

“My massage with Ginny was blissful. She is firm without breaking you, but still really focuses on the areas of tension that you need work on the most.”

~ Lauren G.

“I love Ginny's massages! I call her the "Muscle Whisperer."

~ Nancy C.

“Ginny is the best massage therapist I've ever had. Everyone I refer to her loves her as well. I feel like Ginny is really in tune with my body and always knows exactly what I need. Recently I was having lower back pain and she was able to make it go away. I love Ginny so much, I've included her in our family budget as a necessity.”

~ Tammy F.

"Weeks of severe headaches led me to my first session with Ginny. Her skilled, intuitive, caring, and comprehensive massage therapy techniques provided me with immediate relief and a few subsequent sessions resulted in complete recovery from the pain. Episodes of back spasms and hamstring strains routinely now have me seeking Ginny's expert and superlative therapy, knowing and assured that she will be able to alleviate the problems and enable me to maintain my dance and performance commitments. Ginny is a gifted, compassionate healer and an exceptional human being to whom I give my highest praises and recommendation."

~ Anna-Marie C.

“Ginny's massage therapy has helped me with various pain conditions for more than seven years now and I have always had great results. I have seen her for pain with carpal tunnel, neck pain, back problems, muscle tension, foot pain and insomnia. I always experience decrease in pain, increased circulation, toxin release and muscle relaxation. I also get better sleep and increased energy. There are many, many benefits to Ginny’s massage therapy!”

~ Kip T.

“Ginny is outstanding! I can't recommend her enough.

I had my first massage tonight and it was AMAZING. Ginny knew how much pressure to apply and used the best essential oils ever. I came home feeling nice and relaxed and my knee pain is much better.

Can't wait to see her next month.”

~ Melinda D.

"I have been receiving massages on a regular basis since the 70's, but Ginny’s massage is the best I have ever received. She is the only massage therapist I go to now."

~ Glinda M.

“She is amazing! I highly recommend her!

I first saw Ginny this week. I had been given a gift certificate for a one-hour massage. I'm now considering giving those same gift certificates for her massages this year to my friends for Christmas! She worked out all the knots from the stress I've had building for some time. She found spots that I didn't even realize had knots.

I agree with another reviewer: I felt Ginny was very in tune with my body, practically intuitive to what I needed. I didn't have to ask her to adjust the pressure. She just KNEW. We had talked before the massage to discuss what I preferred regarding pressure, oils, aromatherapy oils, etc. She was perfect.

I will definitely return to see her-- I already have my next appointment on the books. I refer my friends to her. She's the best massage therapist I've had! You cannot go wrong with Ginny.”

~ Lori B.

“I enjoyed the technique Ginny used, and the pressure was just right. I knew the muscles would benefit from being loosened, but it wasn't so painful that I couldn't feel relaxed and refreshed.

I really appreciated how Ginny took the time prior to the massage to find out my expectations and specific needs. She even shared tips about body mechanics and methods I can research to find increased relief.”

~ Stacey M.

“Ginny Neathery has treated me with massage in conjunction with two rear-end car accidents. My neck was injured in both accidents. I also have vertigo as a result of the neck injuries. I would never choose to receive a massage as a form of relaxation, I enjoy being active and do not like having to lay still on a table. Laying still normally contributes to my anxiety.

Ginny Neathery has been able to get me to relax and enjoy ninety-minute massages. Her expertise in many techniques and types of massage has been just what my body needed to heal. The reduction of my pain has been significant as a result of Ms. Neathery’s therapeutic massages. When my schedule allows I do not hesitate to make an appointment with Ms. Neathery, when I am in pain or under extra stress. She has healing hands and a very supportive attitude in the way she talks to me during the massage. (I indicated to Ms. Neathery that I enjoy being talked to during a massage as it helps me to relax).

I have seen many groupon or bloomspot deals for massage and I pass all of them by without a second thought. Ginny Neathery is the only massage therapist I choose.”

~ Renee J.